Hello everyone. This is Mike Stewart for Harpoon Pest Solutions. And today I’m here with Vernon Brown and Quincy Jones, the pest experts in Philadelphia. And we’ve got a question, guys. How bad are bed bugs, and what can you guys do to help folks get rid of them?

Bed bugs in Philadelphia are really bad.


Because of the joint houses, houses that are connected to one another. Bedbugs have a way of traveling from door to door. And so what we do is we not only do heat treatments, which kills bedbugs very effectively.

We also do other treatments that help prevent bedbugs, such as quarterly inspections and things of that nature. So we’re very, very experienced in killing the bed bugs.

So what kind of problems do bed bugs cause for homeowners in Philadelphia?

It causes a number of problems. For one, those who have allergies suffer very severe bites, discoloration of the skin. They have trouble sleeping because of the stinging and biting that’s happening  while they’re trying to sleep.

Another thing is, bedbugs gets in their clothes, and they unfortunately commute bedbugs to their place of employment, to their children and friend’s homes. Children taking them to school, those types of things. It’s just a real hassle.

Well, I can tell you…no one wants to be sleeping with bugs. So what would you recommend I do as a homeowner to verify that I do have this problem?

Do I need a magnifying glass or can I see them with the naked eye?


Tell me what I need to do.

Yeah, they have a tendency to be under the tags of your mattress. If you have tags on your mattress, behind your picture frames that over your bed, or next to your bed. You’d like to check behind those. But the real thing is before you come in the door, especially if you have children, you really want to inspect your children, especially the book bag, and the lower parts of the pants, or skirt for the girls, just to make sure that they didn’t bring none from the school bus, or from school. It really starts right there.

But if you want to inspect them, you don’t need a magnifying glass. Bed bugs are small, but they’re not so minute that you can’t see them with the naked eye. They’re reddish in color, particularly if they have blood in them, maybe they’ve already bitten you, you’ll see them on the edges of the bed. You want to flip the box spring and check the box spring. They do move when you try to touch them, but they’re not hard to inspect as some might think.

Is this a tremendously expensive proposition for a business to get rid of them and get the infestation out of your house?

Is this something that it’s affordable, that most people can take care of?

It has become more affordable because of the quantity of people that have bedbugs. So the key to keeping the costs down for bedbugs is to get them early on. If you see one get on top of it, call us and we’ll come out, do a full inspection. That way you might not qualify for the most expensive treatment. We have cheaper treatments, just as effective, as long as you don’t have heavy bedbug activity. We also break payments up. We have payment plans. We understand that this is a problem. Bedbugs normally scare people to think that it’s costly, but we’ve been able to work with our customers to keep the cost down, because we know it’s an unexpected problem, and people just don’t have the money. Many people in Philadelphia don’t have the money to tackle these hard, crazy pests.

Well, it sounds like you guys know what to do and you’re the experts to take care of it. So thanks for your information and folks, remember Harpoon Pest Solutions. All you got to do is Google that and you can get in touch with Quincy or Vernon and they will take care of that problem.

Thanks again, and you’re been listening to the Harpoon Pest Solutions podcast. Be sure to share us with your friends on Apple, Google podcasts, and Spotify, and be sure to let folks know that if they have questions, contact us, call us, and we’ll be sure to answer those questions in future podcasts.

Once again, I’m Mike Stewart for the Harpoon Pest Solutions podcast.

Bed Bugs and What To Do About Them In Philadelphia & Lansdowne Pa
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