Hello again, it’s Mike Stewart with the harpoon pest solutions podcast here and lands down in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And more importantly, I’m here today with pest expert Quincy Jones. Quincy, are you on the call? Yes, sir. Well, you know, we have a very interesting subject for the resonance of Lansdowne and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s about bed bugs, bed bugs seem to be a huge problem in that area. And you’re going to tell us and give us some information on how bedbugs are treated with heat treatments. I have no idea what a bedbug heat treatment is. So you have the floor to tell us all about it.

Alright, so yeah. bedbug heat treatments, heat treatments are one of the best ways to get rid of bedbugs. The thing about it is that if if you were looking for an eco friendly solution or something environmentally friendly, safe, effective efficient if you are looking for turnaround results in just about, you know, a few hours, heat treatments are the way to go. They’re perfect for any home or business. They’re looking to have as little pesticide as possible. The great thing about heat it kills all life stages of the bedbugs from egg to adult so at about 119 degrees we start to destroy the actual bug and kill the eggs. And the thing about it is that most treatments do well just about all the things don’t require one visit so it’s something that can be done in one day. You know, we we use high temperature fans heating equipment that’s powered by propane 500,000 bt use, we It’s so nice setup you know, takes about two seconds missions we set everything up. And that he radiates the walls and the person’s belongings, their furniture, box-spring mattress bedframe, carpet, flooring, their clothes, shoes, everything can get treated all at one time.

And we have to you know, when we don’t have to use a lot of insecticide with the little insecticide.

So what you’re telling me is you, you at harpoon pest solutions have the equipment? Ah, you have the tools and the expertise and you’re you’re getting rid of this bedbug problem with just hot acres that correct?

That is correct. That is correct, as studies have shown that bedbugs can become resistant to chemicals and they can adapt to dangerous environments. And so with the heat, the you know, that’s something that they can’t Back to one, you know, once is at a certain temperature. We’re killing bugs, something that we’ve been doing now for over 10 years, actually, we’ve been doing these particular type of treatments for over 10 years. And it’s just been, you know, a pleasure to help you know, people solve this problem with heat and also, you know, having us little to no insecticide in process.

And as a homeowner, I assume that this heat gets rid of the bugs. Ah, where they are in whether they’re in the mattresses, the box brains, the furniture, the surrounding clothes and closets and what have you in the bedroom or wherever they are, but it does no damage to anybody’s furniture or their belongings. Is that correct? That’s correct.

That’s correct. So fortunately, because you know, these these treatments are wild. And monitor. And even though there’s very little prep involved on a part of the homeowner, it’s very little prep involved, we normally ask that the homeowner remove items that could melt. So anything that could melt or potentially you know, explode or ignite, aerosol cans, ammunition lotions, medication, makeup, candles, those things we normally ask that the homeowner you know, take all those things box them up, they can sit them in the basement or out outside on the back deck or on the back porch. But for the most part, no, we you know, we’ve been able to safely and effectively treat homes of all kinds with heat at very high temperatures as control as universal temperatures and being able to destroy the problem and not destroy a person’s face. sessions in the process so we’ve done you know hundreds of treatments and never had any issues.

Well, that’s that’s great news, Quincy. And so if you have problems with bedbugs anywhere in the Philadelphia area, especially hands down, be sure to get in touch with Quincy Jones at harpoon pest solutions calm. I’m Mike Stewart for the harpoon pest solutions podcast. You know, share our podcast with your friends. We’re an apple, Spotify and Google podcasts also we’re the podcasts are post in text and audio on harpoon pest solutions calm. So be sure to tune in, subscribe and hear all these helpful tips. And if you ever have a bedbug problem, you can’t say you don’t know who to call. So thanks again. Quincy. We’ll see you next time.

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