Welcome again to another episode of the harpoon pest solutions.com podcast for all residents and homeowners of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and lands down. And today I’m here with pest expert Quincy Jones to talk about conventional insecticide treatments. You know, Quincy, I’m going to give you the chance to tell us what that is and why that’s important to us as homeowners in the Philadelphia area.

All right. So a conventional treatment is basically what we call a chemical is a chemical treatment that’s specifically designed to control bedbugs. So on one hand, you have heat treatments where we use heat, but then we if you have if you’re going to use a chemical method, it’s called a conventional treatment. So the biggest thing for conventional treatment with bedbug removal is that it’s a chemical option is less expensive. You know, each treatment has its own complexities. So the cost will definitely vary. It’s definitely less than the cost of the heat treatment. And yeah, so in each case has to be kind of taken as one case at a time. So, a lot of times you know, it will require an inspection first. And then a plan has to be put together to, to best serve their customer if there’s going to be conventional means. And so what happens is that treatment is normally good if you have a small infestation.

Do you need mattress encasements, vacuums and other direct treatment methods need to be selected for each of those services. So basically, that’s what we’ll be going in with. We’ll be picking our products. There’ll be some type of vacuum and physical removal of that. to actual bugs, and then you know, whatever other direct treatment, you know, options that need to be taken, it could involve discarding certain, you know, items or furniture. But for the most part, we’ll be selecting residual materials to use in various places throughout that person’s, you know, throughout their house or their apartment to remove the bugs that way.

Alright, so this particular insecticide is just for bedbugs, or can you use these conventional insecticides for other pests such as roaches or ants or you know, fruit flies, any kind of pests that get in the house? Or is it just for bedbug removal?

Great question. So most of the products that we use are labeled for other insects as well.

But what happens is the way we use the method in which we use those particular products in more of a focus manner, so the treatments are done with that insecticides is a little bit more discreet or a little bit more focused on

the areas where the bedbugs would, you know, would be breeding or infested so that’s you know, the mattress at Tufts and folds of mattress edges. The bottom of it does cover a lot box-spring sometimes it is required that we take a headboard apart and you know, treat the back of the headboard, nightstand and dresser, those type of things, furniture that you would find inside of the inside of a bedroom or even a living room. Wherever the bedbugs are, that’s what we will be treating with. But those products most of them are labeled for use for the control of ants, cockroaches, you know, in other general household insects,

although Okay, that’s good. That’s good to know. But But what I’m hearing you say is two things that we that the listeners need to take note of is these insects Besides, even though they can work with different paths, it takes a it takes a trained professional. It takes a trained professional to know exactly how to administer those particular insecticides. Because in other words, the way you do it for roaches, the way you do it for other pests is not the same way you do it for bedbugs. So in other words, that’s why you need harpoon pest solutions, knowing what insecticides to use, and then more importantly, how to apply them professionally. You know, it’s not a matter of just going in with a spray can and spraying it all over the air and get that being effective. Now, the other question, did I hear you say, the insecticide is a little less expensive than the heat treatments?

Right, so Exactly, so it the that particular treatment is, is always going to be a little less expensive even. And it’s crazy because, you know, the same amount of time is required to get rid of a problem and then matter what treatment you select whether he or a conventional treatment, it really does go back to the first thing you mentioned about having the experience and the expertise in using the products. Because you have to be thorough, you have to be thorough in in your approach, so whether it’s a heat treatment or it was a conventional treatment, and definitely with a conventional treatment where you’re going to be selecting material to use having that experience, I mean, anybody can go out and buy this stuff from you know, Amazon or different websites on the internet and use these products but the difference is the experience and the expertise of that that individual and knowing exactly where to apply it and safely apply it how much to safely apply in certain areas and they’re so important.

Well, that’s that’s makes sense to me as a homeowner, I want to buy the peace of mind of having an expert treat my problem. You know, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t do anything that I don’t have the training and the expertise to do on my car or on my, my body. Why would you do it on your home? It’s the same thing. So, when it comes to conventional insecticides for bedbugs, all you got to remember is harpoon pest solutions calm Quincy Jones, the phone number is right there. And, more importantly, remember harpoon pest solutions can solve your pest problems. Thanks again for another great helpful tip and education. Quincy, we’ll see you next time on the harpoon pest solutions podcast.


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