Vernon Brown here.

I just want to briefly talk about bedbugs in the urban market, the urban neighborhood.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia,

Philly, many of you know.

So for those listening from other areas to the phrase row home, that might not be familiar to you. I was talking to a young lady once in Altoona, PA, that’s about five hours from Philly. She literally never heard of a rowhome ad to show a picture in my phone of my house. She couldn’t believe it. So in a row neighborhood, you literally can fit 100 homes in a square block.

They only take you about 10 minutes to walk in.

The upside, you get to know your neighbors pretty quick. The houses stay pretty warm in a winner. And there’s not much grass to cut or snow to shovel. The downside? If your neighbor is suffering from some kind of bug,

there’s a stream possibility so will you.

For example, bedbugs the superbug can walk through walls. Well, we know it can’t walk through walls, but it is able to find the smallest crack a hole. But here’s the main question. How do bedbugs even know to bother you in the first place? Keep the place clean and good repair. If you are currently living in a rural neighborhood, you will totally get the parable that I’m giving you.

My previous neighbor I used to live in West Philly.

He was a daily pothead

for the younger crew who smoke weed.

Now my windows can be closed, my doors can be shut and I guarantee you weed smell marijuana smell will be in my house. It is the most irritating, angry, so disrespectful.

It’s the thing I hated about my neighbor.

I would literally have to try to go to a different room in the house. And if I really got mad, I just leave all together and go for a ride.

For bedbugs, it’s similar.

When we sleep, we exhale a scent from our lungs. That is as strong as Maris marijuana smoke to a bedbug the smell guide them and even shows them the way to your home. Which is not hard to believe. And what’s really red brick and plaster is the only thing that’s separate the homes. The red brick veneer 1680 years is crumbling behind your smooth price walls. Comes with age nothing we do about it.

But what can we do

to prevent bed bugs or to lower or lessen the chance of you getting bedbugs? What can you do? Well, one, study your neighbor’s trash. That’s right. If you purchase a new bed or a couch, chances are you get it delivered. The delivery man will take the old furniture and many times. However, people with bedbugs they can wait that long.

They thrown the furniture out.

You see beds chairs on the curb, be where they may have bedbugs

to intersects them

or they can do a slanted door in your face curse you out taking mind your business lie.

Or they might just tell you the truth

helps you take preventive measures for yourself. The third thing you can do is inspect, inspect inspect your own property your own rooms. Do not rely on bites on your skin. Remember, not everyone has an allergy to bedbugs some don’t even know they have them until they are completely infested with them. So live your mattress folks, bedbugs like to flap towards seams on your mattress on your boxspring tread points thread points use me thread points on your mattress. mattress tags they like to get under the mattress tag. They like to hang out behind picture frames on your wall, maybe your headboard against the wall they like to get behind the headboard. If it’s the sofa, unscrew the legs if you have legs and your sofa check on the between the legs in the couch. There’s a mattress or sofa cover. Lift the zipper pull Velcro back

Are you good hire professional.

bedbug inspections are free do not pay for a bed bug inspection. We do bed bugs, inspections, harpoon pest solutions. We do free inspections but other companies do free inspections also.

So there you have it.

rowhomes got it rough

in the world of pest.

This is my first podcast we’re going to be covering quite a bit of pest bugs and urban areas, road connected homes.

They just

behave differently than single family homes

here to get rich, real quick.

Until the next time, keep peace of mind

and the place you dwell

Bed Bugs in Urban Philadelphia
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