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Bee Removal In Philadelphia

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Bee and pest control in Philadelphia can be a little trickier than your average pest control problem. This is because bees are vital to both the environment and human food production. Without bees, many crops we rely on for food and clothing would die off, countless plant species could go extinct, and the entire ecosystem could collapse.

This means you can't just kill bees the way you would kill cockroaches or ants in your home. You have to go about bee removal in a way that protects both you and the bees. The good news is we can help you with that here at Harpoon Pest Solutions. We have the tools and techniques to ensure that bees are removed from your property without removing them from this world.

The Problems Bees Can Cause In Your Philadelphia Home

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Bees and wasps can both cause issues on your property, though bees are typically not as aggressive as wasps. Their aggression can depend on the type of bee you are dealing with. Fat, happy bumblebees and carpenter bees rarely sting unless they are severely provoked. Honey bees can be a little more prone to aggression because they defend their nests. If you go too close to a honey bee hive, you can trigger a defensive attack, though these attacks are usually not as prolonged or violent as attacks from social wasps like hornets or yellow jackets.

The fact that honey bees are not as aggressive in defense of their nests means they are unlikely to cause you severe harm, which is not the case with certain types of wasps. However, if you are allergic to bee stings, even a single sting can result in severe symptoms, up to and including anaphylaxis. This is why you want to keep bees off of your property.

Certain types of bees can also cause property damage. Carpenter bees, also known as wood-boring bees, drill deep holes into wood to lay their eggs. If you wind up with dozens or hundreds of these bees, each drilling their own hole into the side of your house or the columns holding it up, you could be in trouble. Carpenter bees might not do the kind of structural damage that termites or carpenter ants do, but they can still put you on the hook for hundreds of dollars in repairs. This is why you shouldn't hesitate to call the professionals at Harpoon Pest Solutions, regardless of the bee variety you have.

Our Bee Control Process

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The first thing we do when we come out to your property is to inspect it to discover the species infesting it. This will determine our course of action, as we will do different things for different species of bees and wasps. Pollinator bees will need to be removed and relocated, while predators, such as aggressive bees and wasps, will require extermination instead.

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After we perform our initial inspection and create our pest removal plan, we will put this plan into action. This may involve beehive removal and relocation, nest extermination, or a combination of removal and elimination. Our techs have the skillset and the safety tools to ensure the proper removal of all local stinging insect species, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

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Follow- Up

Typically, you can expect our bee removal services to be effective right away. Once beehives are removed, bees typically follow the hive. Conversely, if we choose to go with extermination, bee and wasp colonies typically do not return after their queen is killed. However, if you still have problems after we perform our initial bee removal service, don't hesitate to call us back out to your property for follow-up services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bee Control

Depending on the species, bees can be almost innocuous to very dangerous. Bumblebees and carpenter bees rarely sting and are not considered dangerous, while honey bees can sometimes be very aggressive in defense of their nests. Bee stings are generally not considered life-threatening unless you are allergic, and if this is the case, even a single sting can be fatal.

Trust Us With All Your Bee Control Needs

Here at Harpoon Pest Solutions, we strive to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with our performance and our results. So don't trust another company that may not do the best by you or by the pollinator bees on your property. Just contact the best bee and home pest control in Philadelphia: Harpoon Pest Solutions!

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