Professional Bee Removal Services

Harpoon Pest Solutions offers pest control services in Delaware County and Chester County with specific expertise in the safe and sustainable removal of invasive bees. Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are predators known to be dangerous and naturally hostile to humans, especially when agitated, but other pollinator species of bees (carpenter bees, honey bees, mason bees) can cause structural damage to your home or business property. Due to the social nature of pollinator bees, they are bound to nest and accumulate, resulting in the need for professional bee removal. Predator bees, due to their natural aggression, require a professional bee exterminator to kill the bees and eliminate the hive. Harpoon Pest Solutions is equipped to safely and effectively remove any bee or wasp infestation, no matter the species.

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Common Bees and Wasps and How to Identify Them

All pollinator bees can sting, but only wasps can sting multiple targets several times without dying. For this reason, it’s important to be able to quickly identify the type of bee or wasp and assess the threat level involved to people and property. This information will help you to safely determine if Harpoon’s Pest Solutions’ professional bee removal or bee extermination services are appropriate for your situation.

Bumble Bees

  • “Fat” – the majority of bumble bees are larger and fatter than their more aggressive counterparts. They also possess a somewhat hairy abdomen.
  • Because they seek pollen instead of prey, you will find these types of bees swarming near nectar-producing plants, most usually in flower beds and gardens. They burrow and nest underground.
  • Honey bees rarely sting humans unless directly agitated.
  • Infestation requires Harpoon’s professional bee removal service.

Honey Bees

  • Slender, dangly, and smaller in size, these bees work almost identically to bumble bees. They feature distinct patterns and have less fur than their bumble bee sisters.
  • Infestation requires Harpoon’s professional bee removal service.

Carpenter Bees

  • Resemble small honey bees, but with a sleek, black, and hairless abdomen.
  • Contrary to the social honey bee, carpenter bees are very solitary and do not swarm.
  • These bees burrow into wood instead of the ground, causing a high risk for structural damage.
  • Carpenter bees rarely sting humans unless directly agitated.
  • Infestation requires Harpoon’s professional bee removal service.

Paper Wasps

  • Paper wasps are brown and have subtle yellow markings on them. They feature a narrow body with a pinched waist and long legs.
  • Paper wasps are considered to be semi-social and live in small colonies. They build their nests anywhere outside, most usually hanging from trees, shrubberies, or structures.
  • Like all wasps, these predators are naturally aggressive and can sting multiple times.
  • Harpoon’s recommends the service of a professional bee exterminator.

Yellow Jackets

  • Commonly confused with other bees due to its smaller size and sting, yellow jackets are wasps. They possess a black abdomen striped with yellow markings and are 3/8ths to 5/8ths of an inch in length.
  • As highly social insects, they live in large colonies with up to 4,000 members.
  • For food, they prefer sweets and proteins, which leads them to show up uninvited to your afternoon picnic.
  • As wasps, they sting without much antagonizing; Harpoon recommends the service of a professional bee exterminator.


  • Although uncommon compared to other wasps, hornets, specifically the European hornet, does exist in the northeast United States.
  • The major difference between this hornet and other wasps is the high content (5%) of acetylcholine in their venom. This makes for an exceptionally painful sting that can persist for days.
  • If there is a hornet’s nest near your home or business, Harpoon recommends the service of a professional bee exterminator. 

Can’t We All “Bee” Friends?

Bees and wasps play a vital role in our planet’s ecosystem, but sometimes they choose to be a little too close for comfort. Never attempt to handle any bee or wasp situation on your own, considering the dangers of being repeatedly stung. If you live in the Delaware County or Chester County areas and you need pest consultation, contact Harpoon Pest Solutions today for professional bee removal and extermination.

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