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Ants are irritating pests that form long lines on your walls and counters, contaminating food and surfaces. Most species are only nuisances, but some can be more troublesome by spreading illnesses or causing damage.

Their small size and large numbers make these insects hard to remove. Fortunately, professional ant control in Philadelphia can help. Keep reading to discover how to identify and say good riddance to the ants in your house.

Identifying Common Ant Species

Numerous types of ants live on residential properties and invade homes for food and water. The ants in your house are workers in charge of supplying nutrients to the rest of the colony. They invade structures in large numbers and long lines, leaving a pheromone trail behind them for others to follow.

The problems caused by ants depend on the species. Some can spread illnesses or cause damage, while others are only nuisances. Identifying the species invading your home will enable you to determine the extent of the threat they present. Common ant species in Philadelphia include the following:

  • Pavement ants are 1/8 of an inch, dark brown to black, and nest in or under pavement.

  • Odorous house ants are 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch, brown or black, and emit a rotten coconut-like scent when crushed.

  • Pharaoh ants are 1/16 of an inch and reddish or pale yellow.

  • Acrobat ants are 1/8 of an inch and light brown to black with a heart-shaped abdomen.

These insects can fit through the smallest spaces and will continue to invade no matter how many ants you eliminate. They'll likely continue entering until you close their entry points and destroy those back in the nest. For this reason, ant control professionals should handle an infestation in your home.

An Ant Infestation Can Cause Many Problems In Your Home

Many residents view ants as no more than an annoyance. They'll crawl on your walls and counters but don't seem to cause significant problems. This misconception is common and potentially dangerous because some species can spread illnesses or cause damage when they invade homes.

Some problems ant infestations can cause in your house include:

  • Allergic reactions

  • Food contamination

  • Dirt mounds in your yard

  • Damage to the insulation in your home

  • Damage to the structural wood in your house

Some ants can spread illnesses that require medical attention and chew on your electrical wires. Correctly identifying the species is difficult, so it's best to prevent all ants from entering your home.

Simple And Effective Ant Prevention Tips

Ants are hard to keep out of your house because their tiny size enables them to fit through the smallest spaces. Even if you get rid of ants on surfaces, others from the colony will follow their trails, resulting in an unending line of these annoying pests.

Removing food and water sources will help dissuade ants from invading your house, and closing entry points can keep the others out.

Some simple and effective ant prevention tips for your home include:

  • Resolve moisture issues in your house.

  • Close open spaces in your exterior.

  • Keep your food in closed containers.

  • Wipe crumbs and spills from surfaces.

These tips can keep most ants from invading, but some might still find a way inside. When you recognize an infestation, your local ant control professionals can help.

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Many homeowners think they can handle an ant infestation themselves. But these pests live in colonies that number in the thousands and continue invading homes as long as they can find entry points and food. Harpoon Pest Solutions provides expert ant removal services for Philadelphia residents. We'll remove the ants in your home, eliminate those in the nest, and close entry points to keep these pests away. Call us to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Philadelphia.

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