Broomall Pest Control Services

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, our mission is to ensure that you don’t need to worry about whether your Broomall home is protected from insects and unwanted pests. Our experienced pest control professionals will create a plan tailored specifically to your home and implement it at your convenience, creating a pest-free environment for your family to enjoy.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes and have no regard for the inside or outside of your home or business. Even the smallest animals or insects can become a big problem for your property once they move in. Our focus is on protecting you and your Broomall property by offering comprehensive pest control services. Our environmentally sound solutions cover virtually all bugs, and pest-specific services are available for fleas, bed bugs, roaches, fire ants, termites, rodents and more!

We have proudly been treating and protecting residential and commercial properties in the Broomall area since 2003. We tailor every pest service plan to each individual

Michael N. from our Google Reviews says:

Had a big cockroach and mouse problem in both of my units and the basement. Quincy and his crew are miracle workers. They knew it would be a big job and set my expectations right from the beginning. Slowly over a month and a half the problem become minimal. I have 3 more follow-ups over the next 2 months, so hopefully no problems arises. I love these guys and would recommend them to anyone. Very honest people and company. Thanks so much!

Our customers know that we will eliminate any pest that has invaded their home. We also offer infestation prevention services to help keep your home pest-proof.

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