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Commercial Pest Control In Philadelphia, PA

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, our focus is on protecting you and your property by offering comprehensive pest control services and solutions.

Comprehensive Pest Control Plans To Keep Your Philadelphia Business Pest-Free

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: They have no regard for your property, either inside or out. When pests get onto your property and into your commercial facility, they will cause damage and other problems, ranging from spreading disease-causing pathogens to making your customers decide not to do business with you anymore. Regardless of the type of pest or the problems they bring to your business, when pests invade, you need a fast response. Harpoon Pest Solutions offers the efficient and effective commercial pest control you need in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. We have over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry and are committed to your satisfaction.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

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Operating a business is a difficult job on its own, without the added pressure of dealing with a pest infestation. If pests get into your commercial facility or are causing issues around the exterior of your property, you need to take care of the problem quickly, but you also want to hire a pest control company that understands that your work can’t stop while the issue is being handled.

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, we are sensitive to the unique needs of businesses. We know that you have time limitations or restrictions that might need to dictate when we are able to treat your property. We know that your business may need to follow specific regulations and laws set for your industry that will dictate what types of treatments we use. We know that you may have preferences that dictate our treatment plan.

When you choose Harpoon Pest Solutions, you can rest assured that our services will be fully tailored to your business’s needs and your preferences. We’ll meet with you prior to any treatments being done so that we can learn exactly what you want from us. We’ll then focus on your specific pest control issues, while making sure to follow your guidelines, schedule, and unique circumstances. At Harpoon Pest Solutions, our focus is on protecting you and your property by offering comprehensive pest control services that work for you and your business.

Facilities We Service

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A pest infestation on your farm can have catastrophic consequences for your crops and animals. You need to take care of an infestation quickly and in a way that doesn’t harm your crops or animals. Let Harpoon Pest Solutions protect your farm from pests.

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Medical Buildings

Keeping your patients healthy is your top priority, which is why it’s so important to keep your medical building as clean and sanitary as possible. If pests get inside, they will contaminate the areas where they spend time. Keep them out with Harpoon Pest Solutions.

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If pests get into one section of your apartment building, it won’t be long until they’re everywhere. Preventative pest control services are the best way to keep pests out of your apartment building both now and in the future. Harpoon Pest Solutions offers the services you need.

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The guests at your hotel expect you to provide them with a comfortable, clean hotel room. If they find pests in their room or in shared spaces, they are unlikely to visit again and may leave bad reviews. Protect your guests and your hotel with help from Harpoon Pest Solutions.

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If pests get into your office, they can damage the building, contaminate the food that employees bring to work, and make it an unsafe and uncomfortable work environment. Protect your employees and your building by partnering with Harpoon Pest Solutions.

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You know the importance of keeping your restaurant’s kitchen clean and sanitary for the safety of the food and the health of your customers. If pests get inside, they will contaminate your kitchen area and the food in it. Stop a pest infestation with Harpoon Pest Solutions.

Reasons To Choose Harpoon Pest Solutions

Delivering Pest Control Services That Work


Years Of Experience

With over two decades of pest control experience, Harpoon Pest Solutions has the expertise you need to solve your commercial pest problems.


Service Guarantee

We stand behind our work and back it with our 100% guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll return to your business to re-treat it for free.

Say Goodbye To The Last Bug

Pest infestations can be costly in many different ways. If your business has experienced a pest problem of any kind, the sooner you take care of it, the less damage those pests will cause. By choosing to partner with Harpoon Pest Solutions, you choose to have over 20 years of experienced pest control service by your side to stop unwanted pests and prevent new infestations. Our service technicians will listen to your needs and concerns and tailor a service plan to meet your business’s unique needs. Don’t let pests harm your Philadelphia-area business. Partner with Harpoon Pest Solutions. Call now for a free quote.

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