5 Signs You May Have A Bed Bug Infestation

Have you ever woken up with unexplainable bites across your body, knowing you hadn’t seen them the night before? These mysterious, itchy red spots are unfortunately the result of pesky bed bugs. Bed bugs are an annoying invasion that corrupts what should be a safe space. What was once considered a place of comfort has now become a place of disgust, and that’s a terrible feeling. Luckily, Harpoon Pest Solutions is the leading bed bug exterminator in Philadelphia, PA. We provide expert services to deal with such incidences in order to restore your peace of mind.  

Here Are 5 Signs That You May Have Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, in that their means of transportation can vary at any time or place. Knowing how to spot them can save you a lot of time and expenses.

You notice itchy, red spots on your body

The best way to discover a bed bug problem is by examining your skin. Typically, bed bug bites are small, red and sometimes itchy. Bed bugs usually leave a distinctive bite pattern on your skin, typically in a line across one area. Although most people experience these types of bug bites from bed bugs, others may not notice or react to them at all. The best way to check for bed bugs if you do not notice any bites on your skin is to regularly inspect for bugs.

You smell a musty odor

Experiencing a musty or rotten smell in your home could be a sign of a bed bug infestation. This moldy scent is typically similar to that of a wet towel. Bed bugs, like other insects and animals, release pheromones, a chemical substance used to communicate with other insects to alert them of a common gathering point.

There are blood stains on your sheets/bed

Although most people don’t realize they have been a victim to bed bugs until the next morning, it is possible to feel these critters nibbling on your skin in the middle of the night. Your unconscious reaction may cause you to squash a bug, causing blood stains to appear on your linen, pajamas, or skin. If you notice red spots on your bed, you should immediately call a professional to inspect your home for bed bugs.

You notice rusty-colored/dark spots on your mattress

Your suspicion may be confirmed if you notice rusty-colored spots on your mattress or sheets. These stains are usually a result of bed bugs and their fecal stains. These stains can also be due to bed bugs being crushed under a mattress.

You recently bought a used mattress/furniture

There is always a risk of bed bugs when you bring used or second-hand furniture into your home. As previously mentioned, bed bugs hitchhike from place to place and used furniture is one of their favorite methods of transportation. The cost of bed bug removal alone might dissuade you from bringing second-hand furniture into your home!

If you discover bed bugs in your home, call Harpoon Pest Solutions to effectively treat the infestation. Our expert bed bug exterminators in Chester County are dedicated professionals that work thoroughly to restore your safe space by creating a pest-free environment for your family. With 24/7 emergency services, our team is readily available at your convenience. Call us today at 215-309-8725 or fill out the contact form on our website for further inquiries.

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