Does the thought of a mouse in your house send shivers down your spine? No one wants to deal with a mouse infestation, especially considering these rodents carry transmittable diseases. Luckily, no amount of mice is a challenge for Harpoon Pest Solutions, the leading mice exterminator in Philadelphia, PA. Every year, millions of homes are infested with mice, but yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

If you’re unsure whether mice are lingering in your attic or finding shelter in your garage, take note of these signs that indicate your home might be infested:


One of the first noticeable signs that there might be mice in your home is finding their droppings on the floor. Mice drop small, oval-shaped, black feces as they move, so it’s hard to miss once you see it.

Live Mice

As obvious as this may sound, spotting a live mouse could indicate a larger problem. Mice are most active at night; therefore, seeing a mice during the day could mean you are dealing with a large-scale infestation.

Gnaw Marks

Mice have a habit of gnawing on plastic, wood, or drywall to keep their ever-growing teeth short. If you notice wires have been nibbled at, bags have been chewed into, or that there are small holes in the walls, it is likely that mice are the culprits.

Unusual Sounds

Have you ever laid awake in bed at night from unusual sounds, wondering what creature had found shelter in your home? These sounds are likely caused by mice. Mice are most active during the late hours of the night, so they tend to do a lot of their exploring during that time. If you hear squeaking or scratching sounds that sounds like it’s coming from your walls, you might just have a mice problem at hand.

There’s no need to be a good host and share your home with pesky rodents! If you believe mice may have found shelter in your home, contact us immediately. Our pest control services in Delaware County uses techniques that are safe, thorough, and effective to ensure your home is rodent free. By entrusting our expert exterminators, you can rest assured that mice won’t be finding refuge in your home. Call us today at 215-588-2180!

Hide & Squeak: 4 Signs There Might be Mice in Your House
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