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Home Pest Control In Philadelphia, PA

Harpoon Pest Solutions offers full-service home pest control to protect your Philadelphia home and family from harmful pests.

Effective Pest Control For Your Philadelphia Home

Whether you invite guests to your house all the time or only every now and then, there’s one type of guest that’s never invited but always finds a way to show up anyway: pests. Whether ants, termites, rodents, wildlife, or some other species of pest, an infestation in your Philadelphia area home is a serious cause for concern. Pests can damage your home and sicken your family, and while some pests are just a nuisance, even they can cause problems, especially by attracting more harmful pests to your home.

If you’ve been seeing pest activity around your Philadelphia home, you need the services of Harpoon Pest Solutions. Our home pest control services are comprehensive and designed around your specific pest problems. With over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry, our service technicians are skilled in identifying, treating, and preventing pest problems of every kind. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and you can be assured that if you’re not happy with our service, we’ll re-treat your home for free until you are happy, or your money back plus $25 for your time and trouble. That’s how confident we are in our services.

Our Home Pest Control Program

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Our home pest control begins with a free inspection of the interior and exterior of your house. During our inspection, we look for signs of pest activity, hot spots, conducive conditions, and other areas of concern. Our inspection is thorough and includes looking in areas that are hard to reach, such as behind appliances and in other areas where pests often hide. This sets us up for success right from the start because it allows us to identify the areas around your home where we need to focus our pest control treatments.

Once our inspection is complete, we’ll go over our findings with you and recommend a treatment plan that best meets your home’s pest control needs. Our general pest control includes treatment of both the interior and exterior of your home. While we focus on the areas of concern identified during our inspection, we also provide the treatments necessary to provide ongoing pest protection for your home. The goal is to eliminate your active pest problems and provide the services you need to prevent new infestations from occurring.

In order to keep your house pest-free, we recommend routine maintenance treatments. We offer these services either month to month or through our quarterly pest control program. Routine preventative pest control is the best way to avoid pest problems in the long term. You’ll also receive follow-up calls from us after our treatments to make sure you are happy with our service and to address any concerns or questions you may have. With Harpoon Pest Solutions, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Pest-Specific Services

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Certain pests respond better to treatments that are specifically designed for that species. Harpoon Pest Solutions offers many different pest-specific services to meet your home’s pest control needs. Learn more about these services below and by visiting our Service Pages.

Bed Bug Control

You don’t want to wake up each morning with fresh bug bites. Rest easy knowing your house is bed bug-free with our bed bug control services.

Bee Removal

There are a variety of stinging insects in the Philadelphia area. Different species require different control tactics. If you have honey bees, bumble bees, or carpenter bees on your property, take advantage of our professional bee removal service that safely relocates pollinators. If you have wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets on your property, we recommend a professional bee exterminator.

Cockroach Control

If cockroaches get into your house, you need to get rid of them as quickly as possible before they have a chance to spread diseases to your family members. Our cockroach control service eliminates cockroaches and provides monthly follow-up services to ensure a new infestation doesn’t develop.

Rodent Control

Rodents are destructive and dangerous pests. They are extremely prolific, and they’re good at getting into homes through tiny openings. If you have rodents in your home, let Harpoon Pest Solutions get rid of them for you. We provide the exclusion services you need to keep rodents out of your house.

Spotted Lanternfly Service

Spotted lanternflies have become a big issue in our area. If you’re having a problem with them on your property, our spotted lanternfly service will take care of them for you.

Termite Control

If termites get into your home, they will damage it from the inside out without you even realizing they’re there. Protect your home from termites before they have a chance to get inside with our termite control and prevention services.

Wildlife Control

If wildlife gets into your house, either in the basement, attic, or another area, you can be in for some serious problems. Our wildlife control services make use of one-way doors to get the animals out of your house humanely so that they can’t return.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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We provide free inspections before your initial treatment. This allows us to identify pest activity, conducive conditions, hot spots, and areas of concern. By gathering all of the information we can about your home’s pest problems, we can design the most effective treatment plan possible so that your pest problems are taken care of quickly and thoroughly.

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Our treatments are designed around your home’s specific pest control needs. Based on the findings of our inspection, we’ll target the areas that need special attention to eliminate your active pest problems. We’ll also provide the services necessary to protect your home from future pest problems. Our initial service includes interior and exterior treatments.

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Our follow-up services are available as part of a quarterly pest control program or on a month-to-month basis, depending on your needs. We recommend routine follow-up treatments to keep your home’s pest protection constant. The best way to avoid pests in the future is to maintain your home’s pest protection. We’ll also follow up with you to make sure you’re satisfied with our service.

Protecting Your Home From Harmful Pests

No matter what type of pests get into your house, they are a danger to your home and family. Even the ones that don’t cause serious problems can make your home uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t have to share your house with any unwanted pests. Take your house back from pests with Harpoon Pest Solutions. We offer the thorough, effective pest control services you need to eliminate and prevent pests of all kinds. With over 20 years of pest control experience, we know the best ways to protect your home and family. Backed by our money-back guarantee, our services are designed to ensure your satisfaction. Call now for your free quote.

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