Hello everyone, this is Quincy with harpoon pest solutions. And welcome to the Harpoon Pest Solutions Pest Control podcast. Today, I’m going to answer the question how to get rid of ants in the winter, how to get rid of ants in the winter. So, real quick, what causes ants in a winter? Well, there could be two probabilities, there could be an issue that you have an ant colony living in your walls. So that that could happen. I mean, you can have some species of ants can create ness above ground, they can create nest right inside of a wall void. I’ve seen this many times during inspection. Carbon ants and some other ants can create satellite colonies, you know, away from the nest, and the main nest could be outside you know, deep in the ground somewhere, and they can have satellite colonies inside wall voids inside of a house whereas warm and those forging ends, you know, answer, they send out spies and they send out scouts looking for food. It says it’s just a marvelous wonderful thing, the way these ants were designed to do this, they can just go places and use all types of pheromones and chemical signals and trails to you know, communicate with the other ants as to where there’s good food and shelter. So that could be a problem. The other thing is that if you have a depending on what type of home you have, if you have if your home is sitting on a like a concrete foundation, like a slab Foundation, sometimes there are appliances and different things at the house, the home heating system can keep that slab warm, warm enough all year long, so that the soil underneath is just you know, ideal for ants to remain active 12 months out of the year, and several feet underneath that slab in the soil you have in colonies that are are active and so they stay active. They eat enough in the fall and autumn to eat enough fats and carbohydrates and proteins to last them through the winter. So it can be extremely tough to control. If you don’t know what to do if you don’t know what things to use, and the timing of it is very, very important. So a lot of times you’ll have to deal with these pavement in these little ants even if you do see them in a winner. The way you get rid of them is with bait you know really really good bait ants, pavement ants specifically. They prefer greasy foods, and they often feed on like like pet food that might be down. But baiting is the best control option for these kind of pest problems. And just one one brain that comes to mind is Taro now we don’t necessarily use Tarot as a company, but I have to say that I’ve seen Tarot work really, really well. And so some home owners have had a lot of great results using Tarot so sometimes the baits will mimic greasy foods, fatty foods, some of the baits will mimic a sugary type of things, but beta is the best thing. That is how you get rid of ants. Okay, so sprays, no sprays will only cause your problem to get worse. And sprays will not give you the results you’re looking for. You are looking for a good quality bait amazon.com of course, is a great place to go because you can read a ton of reviews about what works and what does not. And so that is my tip for the day. This is Quincy with harpoon pest solutions, and say goodbye to the last bug!

How To Get Rid of Ants in Our Philadelphia Winters
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