Hey there, this is Quincy with Harpoon Pest Solutions . And this is the Harpoon Pest Solutions Pest Control podcast. Today, I’m going to answer the question what happens when mice die in the walls? And I just want to start by saying, I’ve been on an exterminator now for almost 20 years, and we’re asked this question all the time, we get this question all the time. And it’s really, it’s a concern, because people want to know, hey, listen, you know, what am I going to deal with? If they’re just dying in the walls? You know, when they asked, you know, what, what control message Are you going to use? And we tell them? Well, we, you know, we have to use poison, you know, for your particular situation, you know, we have to use some poison, we have to use this with these dead. So they want to know, right away, you know, what was what’s going to happen, you know, is it going to stink? Is it going to smell? My last exterminator told me that you guys could use something that will make them go outside for water, and they’ll look for something to drink, and then they’ll die outside?

So the answer to that is no. That’s not going to happen. You know, there’s no such thing as anything that a mouse is going to eat, or any rodent for that matter is going to eat a poison and didn’t make them go out in search of water, and in die, so exterminators came up with that, that that lie. And then we’ll tell that to people so that they wouldn’t they, I guess they may have thought that they were going to talk themselves out of a sale, if they just told people that the God’s honest truth. And the truth of the matter is, that can happen if mice eat poison, they can die inside a wall void into inside of a places and accessible that you can’t get to. And you’re going to have to deal with an unpleasant odor for 48 to 72 hours. And that is the truth. You may have to deal with depending on what type of year it is, depending on the time of year it is you may have to deal with flies. Because you know, once you have those my estate that if they dies, organic matter, you know, it’s breaking down, decaying, decomposing, and all this other stuff that happens in nature, when something dies, something live in dies, you know, the flies come out of nowhere, and it just takes over. So that could happen. And you have to deal with flies for about, I would say three days, five days, six days, maybe flies older. Those are all possibilities if an exterminator has to use poison to control mice now.

Most exterminators will rely heavily on mechanical traps, so that the homeowner doesn’t have to deal with issue of unwanted odor, no one wants to have to deal with that. So the whole purpose in using the mechanical traps or snap traps initially, so that they can arrest the issue fast, and then come back on follow up, and then pull those dead runes out of there so that you don’t have to deal with runes. But here’s the thing. Some problems are more severe than others. And sometimes you have to take strong aggressive action to control mice. And what that means is that sometimes you have to use baits and you have to use poisons. And unfortunately, that’s one of the things that that can happen now. Like I said, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. And Has that happened. Yeah, it has. But more so what’s happened more, so more. So we’re able to, you know, really quickly, you know, control issues with traps. And I can almost count the times on one hand where things have died in the walls and you know, we just couldn’t get to it. And, you know, it was it was, you know, the quality of life for that customer was not good for like, a couple days. But I just don’t think that people should be lied to and it was a little annoying to kind of go behind. You know, other other exterminators and you hear people say, Oh, well the other exterminator said, they just look for something to drink. And I’d say, you know what, ma’am? Sorry, that that’s just not true, that’s not going to happen and we use poison, here’s what’s going to happen, there will be, there will be odor, we’ll be seeing the air, when you walk past this part of your house, whatever rodent is inside a wall, the air is not going to be as fresh. So the other thing is that people, you know, have actually found dead rodents just laying there, dead, right? on the kitchen floor. That happens too, because it’s like, when the poison starts to kick in, and it starts, you know, killing the mice or the mouse, they just kind of get sluggish, and just kind of, you know, they just kind of get sluggish and they don’t, they don’t feel well, I need, they just collapse right there. So that that’s normally how it happens. And sometimes collapsing, right there could mean right in the middle of your floor. Or, you know, it’s just some other strange spot. Or maybe you might even come in on the mouse as is dying, you know, you, you might stomp your foot and expect him to like Dart off and under the underneath the stove. But he just doesn’t do that you might not be flipping, he’s just looking like lethargic. And, and just slow in it, you know, that’s the poison taken over. You know, that’s the results of a really good and complete service. You know, that’s what you want, you want to see stuff working, if you’ve paid a pest control professional to come. You want to see stuff working, you know. So that’s what happens when, when a mouse You know, when after service, a mouse dies inside the walls, you can get an odor that can happen. My best recommendation is get some incense or some candles be ready to burn for two, three days. Mice need wall voids to live in, they need that warmth. They need this security in a shelter. And that’s normally where they are. And just like you and me, if we are out, we eat something and we don’t fill in all that great. What do we do? We’re looking to go back home, right? So same thing happens with mice and Mickey is out and he’s eat something that, you know we put down for him, he may start to like, you know, just after about three days, you know, he he takes that first bite after about three days off, while he’s not feeling that great. He’s looking to go home and he could die or he can make it home. And that being inside of the wall or, you know, some area some crevice that you know you just can’t get to without doing a full renovation on your kitchen or some other part of the house. And he just gets there and he’s dead. He dies. That’s what happened. You can get that that I want to order and so is a nasty odor. But it only lasts a little while. So that’s that insightful Tip of the Day. This is Quincy with Harpoon Pest Solutions , saying say goodbye to the last bug. Have a good day.

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