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Professional Pest Control Services

A single pest can bring a business to its knees, or disrupt one's home life. With Harpoon Pest Solutions' residential pest control and commercial pest control services, you'll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your health and personal property is safe from pests. To order our services, reach out to us in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, today.

The Bed Bug Problem

Bed bugs really do bite, and they've become a prevalent issue in many homes and businesses. They're hard to detect, so there's a good chance you could have a problem without even knowing it. They're also very difficult to control, and simply throwing out the mattress will not get rid of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Inspection

Our highly trained professionals will detect and eliminate bed bugs with our expert treatments. In fact, the number one way to avoid a significant infestation is to schedule regular inspections by professionals. The sooner you catch these bugs invading, the easier it will be to eliminate them.

Bedbug On a Couch

Bed Bug Treatment

Our bed bug treatment focuses on exterminating bed bugs, not repelling them from one part of the house to another, or from one hotel room to another. Our program allows for complete bed bug control. We utilize conventional application measures as well as bed bug steam remediation treatments that eradicate bed bugs in the infested areas.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

This is one of our premium services, as well as one of the best services available for bed bug removal. We will heat up your home to kill the eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs. This can be done in one day with zero chemicals or pesticides, and very little prep work needed. This is the best of three different bed bug removal treatments offered at Harpoon Pest Solutions. We do offer a free on-site evaluation and consultation to determine the specific needs for this treatment.


Termites are social insects that cooperate as workers, soldiers, and mates in very large groups. They create nests underground in the soil or the wood underneath the soil. They will then tunnel from their nesting area and search for decaying or water damaged wood to feed on. If termites accidentally make their way into your home, they will move behind your walls and under your floors to use the structural wood of your home as a food source.

Are Termites Dangerous?

Our technicians will inspect your property to determine potential sites that retain water, vital to mosquito breeding, and shaded areas, where adult mosquitoes rest. These sites include structural and natural areas, such as flat roofs, blocked or poorly drained rain gutters, drainage lines from air conditioning units, as well as landscape features including ditches, tree holes, heavy weeds, or shrubs. In short, any place likely to hold water or shaded resting sites.

Termite Tracks

Ants In Window

Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants can develop extremely large colonies, but tend to maintain colonies of only several thousand workers with many queens. Winged reproductives appear in May through July. Workers are very active and move rapidly in single file. They mostly prefer sweets, but will also feed on dead insects and grease. Nests are typically found outside under rocks, boards and the like, but can also nest within structures. Colonies are from hundreds to many thousands of individuals in size. Odorous house ants will nest indoors near sources of moisture and warmth, in voids, but also in termite-damaged wood. Their ability to feed on many types of food brings them into conflict with us when they contaminate stored products in the pantry.

Carpenter Ants

The black carpenter ant is a common invader of homes in the northeastern United States. In their natural habitat, carpenter ants aid in the decomposition of dead, decaying trees. They normally nest in logs, stumps, and hollow trees. However, the large, dark-colored workers often invade homes in search of food. These ants seldom tunnel into dry, sound wood, but they may excavate moist, rotting wood and other soft materials (such as foamed plastic insulation board) to make satellite nests. Rarely will the expansion of a nest into a building's wooden timbers cause structural damage. Homes built in wooded areas are especially subject to infestation, according to the Pennsylvania State College of Agricultural Sciences.

How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

Ants can be extremely difficult to get rid of from your home. DIY pest control for ants is mostly ineffective and can be dangerous, if not used properly. The most important step to getting rid of your ant infestation is proper identification of the species. The professionals at Harpoon can inspect your property, identify the species and offer a customized solution for your ant problem. With our Pest Control in Philadelphia, Not only can we safely eliminate your current ant infestation, we can provide you with year-round pest control services to prevent future issues with ants and other pests. For more information about ants or about how we can control ants, contact us today!


Cockroach Control

German roaches are brown to dark brown in color. The sexes can be distinguished by the more slender body of the male. Adults are approximately half an inch in length. German roaches are the most widespread of all cockroaches in the United States. They complete their life cycle in approximately 100 days, and they breed continuously (with many overlapping generations present at any one time). Under ideal conditions, it has been estimated that one female German roach can be the cause of a population explosion of over 1 million. German roaches are commonly found in and around apartments, homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and similar commercial facilities.

They prefer areas near food, moisture, and warmth. In order to get rid of these pests, it's in your best interest to contact an exterminator. German roaches often litter food or food products with their feces and defensive secretions. They also physically transport and often harbor pathogenic organisms, and in some cases may cause severe allergic reactions.

Not all cockroaches are created equal. Some cockroaches live outside and only forage inside on a rare occasion for warmth. Others, like the German cockroach, live mainly indoors in high populations like Philadelphia. We also offer commercial and residential pest control in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. At Harpoon Pest Solutions, we offer a cockroach control program that is certain to eliminate your cockroach problem.

How Do I Get Rid of Cockroaches?

Extermination of cockroach populations inside the home prevents them from infesting again and controls their eggs and nymphs. Our treatment will include bait management, crack and crevice spraying or dusting, and insecticides that are very effective at controlling cockroach populations. Our monthly program will keep them from coming back.


How Do I Know If I Have Mice in the House?

Mice are not courteous house guests and will leave behind several signs of the presence when in your home. You may discover chew marks or holes in bags of pet food, bird seed, and in bags of dry goods in your pantry. You may also find mouse droppings. You will most likely see them along the walls, in cabinets, and in drawers. You may also hear scratching sounds or squeaks in the ceiling or walls. It is also not uncommon for homeowners to see mice scurry across a room.

Are Mice Dangerous?

Mice are considered to be a dangerous pest to have living in your home. They leave behind a constant trail of urine and feces as they travel, causing the food and food prep areas in your home to become contaminated. They can introduce a variety of diseases into your home, including lymphocytic choriomeningitis, salmonellosis, mycoplasma, leptospirosis, and dysentery. They can also introduce other parasites like fleas and mites and damage the structure of your home through their constant chewing.

Captured Mice

How Do I Get Rid of Mice?

The best way to quickly and completely get rid of a mouse problem is with the help our rodent control services. Our professionals know exactly how to remove mice from your home, and will take the necessary steps to prevent a re-infestation.

How Do You Get Rid of Rats?

Rats are very dangerous to have living in or around homes and businesses. They carry a variety of dangerous diseases including typhus, jaundice, rat-bite fever, cowpox, trichinosis, and salmonellosis. They can also introduce fleas and mites into properties. Rats can cause a lot of physical damage to properties by chewing through wires, pipes, insulation, and drywall. They can also destroy personal items, like pictures, furniture, flooring, clothing, and stored items. Getting rid of rats from your property can be a difficult process. The best way to handle a rat infestation is to contact professionals. If you are experiencing problems with rats, contact the experienced professionals at Harpoon Pest Solutions today. We can quickly, efficiently, and safely remove rats from your property, help to identify how they are entering, and prevent future problems with rats and other pests from occurring.

What Are Fleas?

Fleas are small parasitic pests that feed on the blood of warm-bodied mammals. They are reddish-brown in color and appear dark red directly after feeding. They have six powerful legs that they use for jumping. Fleas have an impressive eight-inch vertical jump! Their bodies are flat, hard, and are very difficult to squish or crush. They range in size from 1/12th to 1/16th of an inch in length. The most common type of flea that infests homes is the cat flea, and as their name suggests their favorite host is the cat. However, they can be found on dogs, humans, and a variety of wild animals. It is worth mentioning that you could have a flea problem in your home without owning a pet. These pests may find their way inside on visitors or by hitching a ride on a wild animal. If you believe you have flea problems, contact Harpoon Pest Solutions.

What Should I Use on My Pet?

Only your pet's veterinarian should recommend a flea treatment for your pet. If you have a flea problem within your home, contact your veterinarian as quickly as possible. Treating the animals living in your home is a very important component in eliminating a flea infestation.

How Can I Get Rid of Fleas in My Home?

Getting rid of fleas from your home can be very difficult. A single female can live for 100 days and produce 400 to 500 young. A few fleas can quickly become a large infestation throughout your entire home. Along with treating your pets, the best way to eliminate your flea problem is is with the help of a professional exterminator. Professional pest control experts have the experience, knowledge, and technology necessary to treat your entire home and eliminate your flea problem.

What Should I Do to Prepare for a Flea Treatment?

Before Harpoon Pest Solutions' professionals come to treat your home for fleas, you should prepare by vacuuming all the carpeted areas of your home and furniture. Once you've completed vacuuming, be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag away from your home. Fleas will hatch out of the bag after treatment otherwise. Sweep and mop all hard floors in your home, and clear as much of the floor of clutter as possible. Make sure to wash or discard all of your pet's bedding and remove all pets from your home before treatment begins. By taking these steps, you can help to ensure that fleas will be eliminated from your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are brown and have some yellow markings on them. They have a narrow body with a pinched waist and long legs. They get their name from the paper-like material that they use to make their umbrella-shaped nests. Paper wasps are considered to be semi-social and live in small colonies.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets have a black abdomen striped with yellow markings. They are 3/8ths to 5/8ths of an inch in length. They are social insects and live in large colonies with up to 4,000 members. Yellow jackets like to feed on sweets and proteins and are common pests at outdoor events.

Where Do Wasps Nest?

Depending on the species, wasp nests can be found hanging from trees, shrubs, deck railings, roof eaves, behind walls, in chimneys, and on door frames. They may also be located near the ground, under shrubs, at the base of trees, on plant roots, logs, or landscaping ties.

Umbrella-Shaped Nests
Paper Wasp

What Should I Do If I Find a Wasp Nest?

If you find a wasp nest located in or near your home, you should leave the nest alone and contact professional pest control experts. Since wasps can be dangerous and difficult to deal with, only a trained professional should remove a wasp nest from your property. Wasps are dangerous to have in or around your home. They can be aggressive and territorial. If they feel threatened, they will not hesitate to sting multiple times. The venom from a wasp sting can cause a painful, raised, red welt. In some people, the venom can cause a severe allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention. Harpoon Pest Solutions can safely and successfully eliminate wasps from your home and property. Our technicians have the experience and tools necessary to get rid of wasps from your home, and can help to prevent future problems with them.

Brown Recluse Spiders

These spiders are 1/3rd of an inch in length, are light to dark brown in color, and have long smooth legs. They have a telling dark-brown, violin-shaped marking on the top of their back. As their name suggests, they like to live in dark, quiet, and reclusive places, like garages, closets, boxes, and underneath furniture. This species of spider is venomous. Contact Harpoon Pest Solutions in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, today to help get rid of these dangerous pests.

Brown Recluse Spider

House Spiders

House spiders are yellowish-brown in color with chevron-like markings on their off-white abdomen. Females are slightly larger than males and grow to be between 3/16ths to 5/16ths of an inch in length. House spiders are the most common species of spider to be living indoors. To catch prey, they constantly build, abandon, and re-build webs throughout the structures that they live in. These spiders are not dangerous to people and are considered to be nuisance pests. Our exterminators can rid your house of these pests.

Why Do I Have House Spiders?

House spiders often enter into homes to seek shelter and food during the cooler months of the year. They commonly enter through cracks and crevices in foundations, and through gaps found around windows and doors. They like to inhabit areas like garages, sheds, barns, basements, attics, and crawl spaces to be close to their food sources. A telltale sign that house spiders have invaded your home is seeing a large number of abandoned webs strung throughout it.

Spider Control

We provide spider control with our commercial and residential pest control services. Our trained professionals will be able to correctly identify which species of spider has invaded your home and provide effective treatment services to eliminate them quickly and safely. If you are having problems with spiders in your home, contact Harpoon Pest Solutions today!

What Are Stinkbugs?

Stinkbugs are named appropriately because of the smell their small glands emit when crushed or threatened. They are a mottled grayish-brown color and have a distinctive triangular shaped plate on their backs, which is why they are sometimes referred to as shield bugs. They were introduced to Pennsylvania in 1996 from Asia. Stinkbugs are considered to be an agricultural pest and feed on a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Why Do Stinkbugs Come Inside?

When the weather cools in the fall, stinkbugs often look to move inside of homes and other buildings to find a warm, safe place to stay over winter. They enter into homes through gaps around doors and windows or spaces found in foundations. Stinkbugs will hide behind walls, in crawl spaces, and under baseboards. In the spring they become active again in your home as they look to move back outdoors to feed and mate.

Will Stinkbugs Cause Damage in My Home?

Stinkbugs are considered to be nuisance pests inside of homes and don't cause damage. However, their smell can become very overwhelming, and you will want to eliminate them as quickly as possible.


How Do I Get Rid of Stinkbugs?

If you find one or two stinkbugs in your home, scoop them up and toss them outside or in the toilet. Never use your vacuum to suck up the stinkbugs, as the smell will ruin a vacuum. For a large infestation, professionals should be called to find and eliminate all of the stinkbugs that are hiding in your home. Our customized year-round pest control services will control stinkbugs and other nuisance pests in your home. If you are experiencing problems with stinkbugs, contact the professionals at Harpoon Pest Solutions today.

Mosquito Inspection

Our technicians will inspect your property to determine potential sites that retain water, which is vital to mosquito breeding, and shaded areas, where adult mosquitoes rest. These sites include structural and natural areas, such as flat roofs, blocked or poorly drained rain gutters, drainage lines from air conditioning units, as well as landscape features including ditches, tree holes, heavy weeds, or shrubs. In short, any place likely to hold water or shaded resting sites.

Mosquito Treatment

As part of our comprehensive mosquito management program, we'll reduce breeding and resting sites and implement a proper treatment program to control mosquitoes. Treatment methods work to prevent new mosquitoes from emerging and help cut down adult populations. They also establish barriers for ongoing mosquito reduction. Other mosquito treatment methods may also include fogging or sprays.