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Hey, this is Vernon I’m back again. I want to talk about mice mice in the home. On my last podcast, we focused on urban areas we’re going to continue to do that Philadelphia for example. By the way, Philly don’t get enough love man on podcasts and YouTube. Not at all just saying my comment about it, but come on. Anyway, we’re going to talk about mice in the home. I was gonna join rats and mice maybe named this the rodent podcast, but really, rats mice. One is the Incredible Hulk folks. The others David Banner, which is green eyes. Rats deserve their own podcast episode by themselves. So Mike’s folks, so many Philly urban homes, we have boiler heating, which means you have a radiator in every room of your house. Now each radiator has two pipes, and those pipes run throughout your house in your walls into your basement. It’s like a superhighway in your home. It’s like Star Wars Episode One or two. You know when and again young will be closing that car chase that was driving on floating cars. And again, he was jumping on different cars. There was a superhighway seen flying colorful cars zipping all over the place. beautiful scene by the way. I love those kind of futuristic scenes. I say we can get there but no, I’m not saying that anymore. technology’s just amazing. Anyway, radiator pipes are everywhere in your house. And the mice are riding them bad boys like interstate 95 Highway. You’re your couch. Watching your 65 inch equals his own shout out the Carson Wentz go birds. And here comes from under the love seat. This mouse and you weigh in 225 pounds grown man jumping spilling your IPA beer all over your new white throwback jersey. You don’t run because you’re not scared. You just start. There’s a difference. Girlfriend ran first by the way. Oh, you’re scaring mice? No, I’m not scared. It just surprised me. So you got to sit around and pace folks take your time sit around both pipes and check under a radiator to it gets pretty nasty under radiators. The baseboards they tend to separate from the floor and mice can easily get through those holes. We said last podcast my first podcast that these homes are separated by red brick and sold. I just want to briefly explain something very very important to you homeowners out there. Perhaps you’re in the process of renovating your home. You want to remodel your property you love your property. So you you hire a handyman. And you want to make your house look more modern. Most of these houses. They have one single light in the middle of the ceiling or some houses they don’t have any lights at all in the ceiling. But recessed lights is the thing so you want to get some recessed lights installed. So the handyman is the handyman he got to rip down your old plaster because he needs to run some electric.

Now here’s the deal with plaster.

plaster is the underrated eyesore. Nobody wants but it’s thick. It’s durable. And here’s something else you might not have realized about plaster. It’s very very quiet.

When mice walk on it and I said when

because mice pass between homes rooms. They walk on the ceilings in between the Joyce most rowhomes have mice running in between the ceilings. They pass into that old red brick and here you are you’re sitting down on your couch. You got this new ceiling with these recessed lights. The handyman took good care of you so you think winter comes mice are coming back in the house heavy

and you hear

scratching sounds and you look up you saying what in the world is that noise? I’ve never heard that before.

Here’s the deal.

dry wall is thinner than plaster. Everything you the mice do in between your choice, you’re going to hear it so Mr. handyman charged you full price and he took shortcuts date these handyman do not like this subject. They don’t want to talk about this but it needs to be talked about because many guys are taking shortcuts working on people’s homes. There’s two things that he did not do. And he could have just did one of the two. One. He could have sealed those cracks up between your floor joists, your your excuse me You’re shilling Joyce, that crumble red brick. He could have threw some cement on here. smooth them out a little bit. stop them from passing through. or two. He did not insulate. That’s right. Not just outside walls get insulated. But inside ceilings walls, they get insulated too. So the handyman he says we do it all. don’t hire that guy by the way. Nobody does. It all.

Took shortcuts.

Now my company harpoon pest solutions, and other companies we seal homes. But here’s the deal. If a pest control company says he will seal your home. He tell you all the things he is going to do and didn’t get a sticker sticker shock $800 thousand dollars or more. And he comes up to your front door holding a caulk gun. Do not let them into your home. Anybody can do cop in go to Home Depot, get some caulk, caulk gun. Anybody can do that. We use galvanized mesh, drywall, wood, real materials, screws nails. Now here’s the deal. Were pesky control company. harpoon pest solutions, not harpoon home improvement. I told you I keep it real with you more. It’s gonna tell you the truth in this podcast. One lady said, Are you coming back to the house to spackling paint that No, no. We stopped the mice. You want to showcase it on HDTV. You need to call a carpenter. But we will sell your home enough we will sell your home and we will actually do a home a free home inspection and show you how you pursue your own home free of charge. Bottom line guys just because you live in a city in an urban area row neighborhood doesn’t mean that you have to accept mice just because it comes with the territory. So that’s it people this is Vernon with harpoon pest solutions telling you a fixed day. Keep the pest man away until next time, keep peace of mind and a place you dwell

Philadelphia and Landsdowne PA, Mice are a Problem Here As Well!
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