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Okay, folks, I’m back again. Good to talk to everyone again. This is Episode Four of the harpoon pest solutions podcast. We’re gonna get right into it. We’re talking about rats, rats in a city. Rats is probably the most feared pest according to many homeowners that we talked to. And in Philadelphia rats is a big problem. Particularly in South Philadelphia, rather like a big percentage of rats in Philadelphia. The majority is in South Philadelphia. Now, there’s a few reasons for this. And you know, this podcast is not to scare anyone from moving to South Philadelphia, softly delfy is a great place great area. Some of the best restaurants is their very clean part of this city. South Philly Philadelphia is very nice. But here we go. So South Philadelphia, one of the problems with it, is that it’s adjacent to the rivers. So you have the Delaware River, in school. So racks is a breeding place. These rivers are a breeding place for these rats, these rats come out of this river, and they’re looking for a home to get into. By the way school cool. little silly fact. School means hidden River. So used to say Schuylkill River, you’re saying hidden river River. Just a little side note for those visitors that don’t know what the worst school means. Okay, so here is another reason why rats is a problem in Salford. This is a story that our religion gave me. I had to check it out for myself, it’s a very good story. So if many of you who live in Philly, but you don’t have to live in Philly to know or recall veteran Stadium, many of you recall, the vet as is known throughout the sports world. It’s where the Philadelphia Eagles used to play the football team. But it was knocked down some years back veteran stadium. And so the story goes that I’ve had the privilege of going to the vet quite a bit as a young guy. And he not not just football games, but even outside other events, was able to go to the vet. And the lower level. It’s true. I mean, you could just go in a lower level and you know, rats there, you only have to see them, you know, they’re down there. And then they had a level below that level. So when the event was being planned to be demolished, the construction companies were out there. They imploded the building. And there they said that when they did that, there were thousands of rats running from the stadium. So apparently, under the vet, there were a lot of rats, and they use the vet as a breeding ground. And when they knocked down the stadium, these rats had no place to go. Now, they said it was so bad that these rats started to go to these homes and sell Philadelphia. The city was paying for homes to get treated for rats. That’s how bad it was. I don’t I don’t think they’re the city’s paying for that anymore. But fact that No, they’re not. But there was a time where you can get a little bit of grant money to pay towards your pest control guy to get rid of rats. So anyway, another reason why. Here’s something else about South Philly. That’s a little different from the other areas of Philadelphia. The city of Philadelphia, the new stadiums, so you got the new football stadium, got the baseball stadium, you have the basketball slash hockey arena.

Philadelphia is one of the few cities that all the stadiums are within a stone’s throw of each other. All the stadiums are very close. There’s not many cities in this nation like that. And these are new buildings, but let’s face it, you know there there’s holes. And I’m sure rats tend to be under these buildings also. Now right up the street from the stadiums is another problem. It is a huge food distribution area. You can see through building you got other buildings over there. And you best believe again, under the old buildings registry for the stadiums in South Philly is a breeding area for rats. So South Philadelphia very nice area but there’s that Those are reasons why, especially for South Philly, we get more rat calls from South Philadelphia than we get from anywhere else. So, rats beyond that date, we don’t always know the rhyme or reason why they choose the houses that they choose. Rats, they can come from underground. Believe it or not, rats can bite a hole through your cellar floor, a hole in your concrete, they can bite through concrete now, if you think I’m lying. While I hope you never find out until I’m truth, let’s just leave it at that. But there are a few things that you can do at your property that you can look for, that we’ve noticed tend to cause rats to come into person’s homes. Number one, if you have tree stumps, perhaps a tree was cut down in your yard, or perhaps in your front yard, not just your backyard, your front yard, or the tree stump can we’ve noticed it can be in the alley behind New York, Philadelphia, we have alleys. And sometimes they have these tree stumps in them trees that was cut down rats, they love tree stumps, is a place where they start families in these tree stumps. And once they start a family, eventually they will find your way their way into your home. Also, rats tend to come up through your sidewalk. So if you have holes in your pavement, you might want to get those patched up right away if you can, because rats like to be under the concrete. And they will travel underground and find their way into your home. So those are just a couple things you can look at, obviously the obvious things such as trashcan lids and your trash cans and things keeping the perimeter of your house clean. That’s all that can always help. A couple things you need to know about rats also, they can be quite aggressive. So if you plan to tackle them yourself not trying to, you know did you call us or anything like that. But it’s a fact rats can be aggressive, especially if they got numbers today is more than one. They know when they got numbers and they get a little bit more brave when you try to get rid of them. The other thing, rats covey carry heavy fleas. Many times persons that have rats have fleas, so you want to watch out for that too. If you see rats, you want to watch out for fleas. Lastly, try to remove rats that you catch that we do that and when we catch rats, we really try to get them out of the house fairly quick because corpse flies, flies that really crowd around rats. And it’s hard to get rid of those flies because they’re born in in the rats that born in the house. And so you really want to get the rats out the dead rats out as soon as possible. All right, so that’s it. Rats is a nasty subject. It’s a scary subject. But hey, if you think you got it bad. Imagine what the restaurant owner in salt and Center City is going through. This is Vernon with harpoon pest solutions. Once again, thanks for listening guys. Hit the like button or any of our podcasts. Give me advice where I can get better how can I How can I improve improve? I’m open to any type of advice you willing to give. This is me telling you to keep peace of mind and a place you dwell

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