Hey, this is Quincy, we’re Harpoon Pest Solutions. And this is the Harpoon Pest Solutions podcast. So today, the question is, should I spray for bugs in the fall, you know, the weather gets a little cooler, it gets a little bit more damp. And it appears that there’s less, you know, insect activity. And so a lot of people wonder, you know, whether or not they should even be bothered, or you know, should bother spraying?

Well, yes, you definitely want to continue to spray and use some type of residual application, even in the fall, especially on the outdoors. There are bees, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, and fleas, which can all still be very, very active in the fall. And then aside from spray, and I mean, of course, you want to do do things to protect the house from invaders like mice, and rats. But in the years that I’ve been doing this, I can tell you, I’ve seen like, the amount of spider activity just goes up.

And like, you know, the October, you know, November, in the early fall, it seems like fleas, we get a lot of calls for fleas and those type of insects. And then there’s bees, which, surprisingly, are now it’s even like, the middle of November, and our office will still get calls for yellow jackets, which are, you know, necessarily a nasty business idea, we can still get calls for yellow jackets. So there’s a lot of things that still remain active, you have some pests that are looking to enter into the home and they want to overwinter they want to stay inside of those protective conditions over the winter. So that when you know they can go out and do what they do in nature as the winter is over, but sometimes they’ll find these places in your crawlspace in your attic or some other part of your house. So spray in for bugs and insects in the fall is a good ideal is a good idea. So whoever your pest control company is, you know they should be doing that for you. They should be removing the webs from around the ears of your of your house and they should be taking care of the perimeter of the house around the doors and windows to make sure that those critters are not, you know, taken over over your house.

Okay, so that is my tip for today. As far as you know, spraying in the fall is something that definitely should be done.  Until next time!

Philadelphia Home Owners, Should You Spray For Pests in the Fall?
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