Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Harpoon Pest solutions Pest Control podcast. Today, I’m going to answer the question about fleas. Very simple and short, how to get rid of fleas in your home? Well, there’s four steps that you you need to take, if you have a fleet issue, I would say, actually, it’s five. The very first step is that you want to take care of your animal, your cat or dog, you want to make sure you’re able to get them to a qualified vet, and, you know, get whatever medications are needed to take care of your animal to make sure if you if you have a flea issue in your home, because you own a cat or dog, you want to make sure that that animal is taken care of, in a way that’s not going to bring any harm to that cat or dog. That’s very important. You know, we want to put your animal first as a priority, make sure that they’re healthy. And if they have an issue with fleas, you know, that is going to make sure they get the medication that they need. That’s the first thing. How did you get fleas to begin with, is always important. It could be that you have an animal that has fleas, maybe both fleas in the house, it could be something weird on the outside of the house, maybe you know there’s grass, you know, our lawn area that needs to be taken care of may need to be treated even on the outside, you know desks. So step number one is really just trying to pinpoint you know, what’s going on, you know, as my cat or dog, okay, is there’s issues on the outside that need to be addressed. For the inside of your home. The number two thing is you want to use a powerful vacuum on any of the floors, upholstery to mattresses, the bedding, a very a good vacuum to suck up those fleas, get those eggs up out of the you know the crevices of the wood flooring or the fibers of the carpet, you want to try to get get as much of that stuff up as possible. Take that vacuum outside and change out the bag or, you know, or empty it out when the outside of the house. So that’s step number two, which is getting a powerful vacuum and just go to work. Step number three is the use of a steam cleaner on carpets and upholstery, including the pet bedding. She’s trying to destroy as many eggs as possible. I know we use high powerful steam, high heat steam for the control of bedbugs to destroy those eggs. And in this case, that’s what you want to do is just be really thorough, and try to really eliminate as many eggs it’s possible that fleas leave fleas lay a lot of eggs, okay, to female fleas, they definitely leave a lot of eggs. So you want to steam clean as much as possible. The next step is step number four, you want to wash all bedding, including your pets bed in hot water. You know, wherever the cat or dog if they have bedding, you know, toss that thing in the washer and and and handle it you know, so that they have a nice, clean bedding in the destroys any any fleas, want to pet bedding. And then number five. Number five is the use of chemical treatment. This is important because at this step, you can decide whether or not you want to treat it yourself or call on a professional. Those are the two options you have. For a fleece situation. I’m going to say it’s probably best to call in a professional. And the reason why is because a lot of times with a cell over the counter or foggers or bombs. Now most people that’s the first thing they grab is oh I got fleas, you know, I need to get some foggers or bombs and they set them off. And oftentimes we end up coming out to that customer’s home after they’ve made several attempts to use fibers or bombs and they don’t work. Part of the reason why it doesn’t work is because fires and bombs they releases the material up into the air towards the ceiling and then it falls all down on everything. You know it falls on the tables, chairs, furniture bedding everywhere, but where should it be and most of your flea issues are going to be on the floor around a floor area. And so after several attempts to get rid of rid of fleas with bombs, unfortunately, what happens is that the fleas can become resistant. And now you have generations of fleas that hatch and they become resistant to, you know, the chemicals that are being used in that home. And sometimes what happens when professionals are called in, they have a hard time controlling the fleas because there’s fleas that, you know, they have to go through generations of fleas now that have become a little resistant to, you know, residual material. So DIY for fleas, is not what I recommend, I definitely recommend calling in a professional. And a professional would be able to arrest this issue in about one or two attempts. With the proper combination of residual materials, and that means you know, you’re looking for a good knock down material along with an insect growth regulator, because that’s how you get rid of fleas. And to know that there’s nothing on the market that destroys eggs. So it was always necessary for your exterminator to come back in about 10 days to make another application to destroy whatever fleas have hatched from those eggs. So that’s how you get rid of fleas. Number one, take care of your pet number two, use a powerful vacuum number three, the use of a steam cleaner. Number four, wash all pet bedding and number five, call in a local press professional or if you’re gonna do it yourself, make sure that you’re thorough. Okay, this is Quincy with harpoon pest solutions.

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