Hey, this is Quincy with Harpoon Pest Solutions. And today I just want to talk about the use of snap traps to control mice. Now, it’s the fall, October, November, that time of year when you will see something shooting across the floor in your kitchen. Unfortunately, that can happen a lot of times, you know, happens in the evening when you walk into the kitchen and get something out of the fridge and you see something shoot from underneath the table and goes under the refrigerator. And the first thing a lot of people go reach for snap traps. And snap traps are one of the best ways to get rid of things that could be crawling around your floor, especially four legged critters. But the only problem is that over my over the years that I’ve been in the business of odd times, people will complain about snap traps not working. But really what I found is that  when you see how sometimes home owners place these traps, they’re in a wrong position.

And that’s a lot of the reason why snap traps don’t work for a lot of homeowners. So this a brief reminder to make the placements in a way so that,  they work for you. snap traps are great. We use them all the time. But just knowing where to place the traps is good. So one of the things that I noticed that people will place traps wherever they’ve seen the mice, or if it’s a rat, you know, and they just kind of like they put the bait to traps and they just sit them out, you know, in hopes that the rodent is just going to come up to the trap. And then you know everything is going to work like that. And it just doesn’t work like that. So you don’t want to play some out away from the from the from the floor, but you want to or out in the middle of the floor I should say but you want to kind of like move those traps closer to the to the wall, where rodents like to run they like to run right alongside the walls. And that’s how they that’s how they travel and navigate through through through rooms and spaces. And that is what you want to do you want that trigger part to be up against the wall. And when that trigger, you want to bate it, you can bate it with a number of things. You can bate it with nut butter, peanut butter, chocolate, cotton, dental floss, anything like that. And really my favorite go to really is the peanut butter, the peanut butter seems to work, they seem to go further every time. And we just kind of smear it on we just you know we don’t we don’t want to feed the mice, but we just want to smear it on we want them to get that scent. And we want them to get their nose and that trigger and boom. And that’s it you know so whenever you can make a good placement then you know that that’s going to work for you. So I just had a couple of pitch illustrations here. This way you have a point of reference, you can look at it as something that you could do to help you you know, take care of whatever is running across the floor and that House want to get it get it out of there okay to not paying rent they have to go. Alright, so that’s my tip for the day. This is Quincy for Harpoon Pest Solutions.

Snap Traps For Mice in Philadelphia Homes
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