Termite Extermination Services

Each year, termites cause billions of dollars of damage to properties in the United States. Structural damage due to termite infestation is a true concern for many homeowners. These critters feed on wood and a variety of other household items. When this problem persists in your home or business, seek professional help to control termites.

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, our team of skilled and experienced technicians works on pest problems both big and small. We use techniques and applications that are effective and proven to work in the long term. Reach out to us for termite extermination in Chester County, Delaware County, Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas, and we’ll come out and get the job done right away.

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Fast Facts about Termites

Termites are social insects that cooperate in large groups as workers, soldiers and mates. They can injure trees, shrubs and various other flora. During spring, termites emerge in hordes to create nests underground in the soil or the wood underneath the soil. This is because the warm weather offers a more hospitable environment for them to invade your property.

Termites will then tunnel from their nesting area and search for decaying or water damaged wood to feed on. If these pests make their way into your home, they will move behind your walls and under your floors to use the structural wood of your home as a food source. This is cause for concern because the damage they do is often very costly to fix.

Since your home is one of your most important investments, you’ll want to do something about a termite problem immediately before it grows out of control.

Termite Control

A termite infestation is something that should be treated by a professional. By understanding these creatures, we can provide effective and successful exterminations.

Our skilled technicians will inspect your home, business or other property to determine potential sites where termites may be lurking. One sign that there may be a termite problem is the presence of a mud-like material in a “tube” pattern along the foundation of your home, near pipes, in your crawlspace, or other areas where the pests can enter your home. Sections of crusted dirt over cracks in your home are another telltale sign. Additionally, a swarm of flying termites, which look similar to ants, can indicate that there is a nest nearby.

With an inspection, we can identify the culprit for a termite infestation and then begin treating the problem Harpoon Pest Solutions offers solutions to any pest problem in Philadelphia, PA and surrounding areas.

Termite Control from Harpoon Pest Solutions

Don’t let pests, such as termites, continue to invade your property and cause severe damage to your infrastructure. With professional termite control services, you can finally rid the home of unwanted creatures.

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, we are highly-skilled and have years of experience delivering effective pest control services. We work with you to understand the problem at hand tailor our service according to your needs. For termite extermination and other comprehensive services in Philadelphia, PA, Chester County and Delaware County, reach out us today.

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