Vernon Brown
Hello again, everyone. Today we’re going to discuss termites. And how can we prevent termites in our home. It’s not a guarantee prevention. But what I want to share with you can really help you keep termites out of your home. Termites we know they eat wood from the inside out, they call us homeowners thousands of dollars, especially commercial properties can call us in the hundreds of thousands even. It can be hidden for years until they’re found out. They travel deep below the surface of the ground. And North America, particularly as arid east coast of North America, we have the subterranean termite. So they come from deep underground. I’m not going to bore you with a lot of termite facts give you that I just want to help you out a little bit here. So believe it or not, your roof plays a vital role. In termite prevention and urban areas, you have two flat roofs, some of your roofs are tarred, some might have a rubber roof on it. Now you want to make sure on those roofs that your downspouts lead directly into your sewer pipe that the water coming from the rain the rain water goes right down into your sewer of the city code allows it that these that the water does not just pour out into your concrete or pour out into your yard. You want to if it doesn’t go into the sewer line, have the downspout go away from your home. Draw that water away from your home. Broken downspouts they cause a heavy rain much puddling against your home. Now if you have a pitched roof, you want to make sure your gutters are tight. They’re not dripping a lot of water down onto your concrete or your grass. You want to make sure that the leaves don’t clog the downspout areas. If you have a cellar or a basement in your home you want to and if you take on regular water in your basement, then you really want to readily inspect your floor joists and your wall studs each year. Termites love water, heavy moisture areas. That’s what draws into your home in many ways. So this is just something that I wanted to share with you guys. A lot of people do not know when they purchase a home. You know you get to turn my certification and as good. We do termite harpoon pest solutions, we do termite certifications but just a crucial, very important is your inspector should inspect your downspouts and gutters. Make sure those things are in good repair to prevent termites in the future at the determination of vacation so once again this is just a short little podcast I wanted to share that glow gem with you this is Burnham with our Cooper solutions signing off again, saying keep peace of mind and a place you dwell

Termites, a Problem in Philadelphia and Landsdowne, PA
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