Pest Control In Camden, NJ

Reliable Pest Control In Camden, NJ

Camden is a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that's located right across the iconic Delaware River in New Jersey. While this community's proximity to urban centers and rivers makes it a great place to live, it also makes it susceptible to pest infestations.

Pests love moist areas and densely packed urban environments. They know they can find everything they need to survive inside of our properties, which is why all locals need to be prepared with pest control in Camden that protects them before infestations can really get started.

Learn how Harpoon Pest Solutions helps you avoid pest problems and quickly address them before they lead to larger concerns.

Residential Pest Control In Camden, NJ

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Your home is attractive to pests for a number of reasons. It provides warmth and shelter but also sources of food and water that pests require. That's why it's important to be taking proper home pest control measures before an infestation becomes apparent.

Failing to address your risk of pests leaves you vulnerable to the larger issues they can lead to, including: 

  • Property Damage: Pests can scratch and claw their way through walls and damage home utility systems. Their droppings also result in stains and foul odors. 
  • Health Impacts: Bad smells aren't the only unpleasant thing pest infestations lead to. They can also spread serious diseases and parasites to people and pets alike. 
  • More Pests: Once one pest population moves in, others will be drawn to your property, too. Stopping this cycle of infestation before it can begin is crucial.

Let Harpoon Pest Solutions keep your Camden home protected with our proven home pest control services. We offer free inspections and emergency services when necessary, so turn straight to the experts if you notice signs of pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Camden, NJ

Businesses have to worry about the threat of pests, too – perhaps even more so than residential property owners. Commercial property owners are responsible for more than just their bottom line. They have to protect the health of their customers and employees, too. This is why the consequences of a pest infestation in your Camden business can be severe.

Luckily, Harpoon Pest Solutions also helps businesses deal with pest problems and keep invasive pests out in the first place. Here are the kinds of businesses we assist in the Camden area: 

  • Farms: Even urban areas have farms and rely on local producers to stock the shelves at grocery stores. But agricultural facilities are at a high risk of pests since many populations are drawn to areas where livestock are kept daily. 
  • Medical Buildings: Doctors' offices and hospitals can also be at risk for pests, and these properties need to take the health of patients seriously. 
  • Hotels: Hospitality properties can be at a high risk of pests like bed bugs, which is why we help hotels maintain their reputation for cleanliness by keeping these pests out.

We customize every treatment to your actual needs, working with you to craft a commercial pest control plan that's right for you and your business's schedule. Contact Harpoon Pest Solutions today to get started on total pest protection.

How To Keep Your Camden Home Spotted Lanternfly Free

Not all pests that invade our homes and yards are native to this part of the world – and globalization has helped certain invasive species thrive in other corners of the planet. Spotted lanternflies are this kind of pest. First found in parts of China and Vietnam, they have now spread to other countries like the United States.

While these pests tend to do the most commercial damage on big farms and plantations, like for soybeans and stonefruits, spotted lanternflies can and will invade residential yards, too. In order to prevent them and fully root out spotted lanternfly eggs, which is the only way to ensure an infestation is fully eliminated, you need to turn to pest control experts.

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, we thoroughly treat yards and trees, including root systems, to make sure these destructive pests don't damage trees or bushes. Spotted lanternfly damage occurs when these pests suck the sap out of branches affecting the plant's overall health.

Keep these ravenous invaders out of your Camden yard by turning to Harpoon Pest Solutions for spotted laternfly removal right away.

The Easiest Way To Protect Your Home From Termites In Camden

Termites are some of the most serious pests that impact all kinds of properties. Homes and businesses alike can fall victim to infestations, which lead to costly and even hazardous property damage if left untreated.

This is why people in Camden need to take termite control seriously and not wait until a colony has invaded before they act. With inspections and treatments from Harpoon Pest Solutions, you can stay clued into termite dangers before they can lead to serious property damage. Only experts know how to spot the earliest signs of a termite infestation, which is why you should call the pros early and often.

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, we provide free inspections that help identify problematic termites before they can move inside your walls. We can also conduct routine Wood-Destroying Insect reports for real estate properties. If termites are a concern, or if you want to get started on treatments that shield your property from their destructive ways, our skilled technicians have you covered.

Get started on proper termite treatments and control methods today by contacting Harpoon Pest Solutions.

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