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Dover is a modern town with plenty of history. The home of the captivating Dover International Speedway, it is a prime spot for NASCAR enthusiasts to gather. And if you prefer calmer activities, you will love The Green, a historic public square from the 18th century. Vibrant with old-world charm, it provides many fun opportunities, from the Air Mobility Command Museum to the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino.

Unfortunately, you can expect pest infestations to take over your property throughout the year, thanks to the climate, increasing urbanization, and more. The Harpoon Pest Solutions experts can eliminate factors conducive to these unwanted guests and keep you safe with top-rated pest control in Dover, DE.

Residential Pest Control In Dover

No one wants to discover pests in their home. Still, if you end up with an infestation, Harpoon Pest Solutions provides friendly and professional home pest control in Dover, DE, any time of year. With over 20 years of experience, we can tackle different issues, from tiny ants to aggressive rodents.

Our strategy begins with thorough inspections. Once we understand your unique pest challenges, we will create a treatment plan to eliminate existing issues and prevent future ones. We typically also recommend routine maintenance treatments to ensure long-term protection for your home and can help you make the process as seamless as possible. We also offer specialized services to target specific pests like bed bugs and spotted lanternflies. With our help, you can expect peace and comfort throughout the seasons.

After the treatment phase, we will follow up with you to maintain ongoing protection. Our free inspections are an excellent way to assess the problem before initiating treatments or to customize our approach as your situation changes.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and learn how to reclaim your home from unwanted pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Dover

The main goal of the Harpoon Pest Solutions experts is to keep your staff and employees safe while protecting your investments, from building to inventory. Our strategies for commercial pest control in Dover, DE, come from over 20 years of experience. We strive to deliver efficient and effective solutions tailored to your industry.

Pest invasions can have an incredibly detrimental impact on commercial facilities. We design our approach for a quick resolution without interrupting your business operations, accommodating time constraints, regulations, and your own requirements. Before any treatment, we will discuss the situation with you to ensure we understand your expectations.

With over two decades of expertise and a 100% service guarantee, you can trust our experienced technicians. They will create the most effective service plan to tackle your current issues and prevent future infestations. Reach out to us today for a personalized and hassle-free quote.

Why Cockroach Activity In Dover Cannot Be Ignored

A cockroach infestation can be devastating, whether these unhygienic pests take over a home or business. Noticing cockroach activity quickly is essential in order to eliminate the colony before it has time to grow.

Roaches carry harmful bacteria and allergens. They are a threat to our health and that of anyone on the property. Ignoring their presence could expose you to salmonella, gastroenteritis, and more. Beyond that, they can also damage your property. Their knack for chewing on paper and spreading unwanted odors is a significant problem for many.

Controlling cockroach infestations is crucial for all these reasons and more. Fortunately, our professional pest control services can eliminate the most challenging intrusions faster than any DIY strategy. Call us today to learn about our highly effective products and how our cockroach exterminators can make your property safe again.

Termite Control 101: What Dover Homeowners Need To Know

Termites are a significant threat in Dover, and understanding critical aspects of termite control is essential in keeping them at bay. These silent destroyers feed on wood and can cause substantial damage to your home. Unfortunately, they can be challenging to notice until it is too late.

Here are some strategies to protect your property:

  • Schedule inspections: Regular visits with a professional can help detect early signs of infestation and allow for timely interventions.

  • Implement preventative measures: Ask us how to keep termites at bay, including reducing wood-to-soil contact, repairing leaks, and ventilating your home.

  • Stay vigilant: Look for signs of infestations, like discarded termite wings, hollow-sounding wood, etc. If you see anything suspicious, it is time for a termite inspection.

By working preventatively and collaborating with professional termite control experts, you can protect your Dover home against the threat of termites.

Call Harpoon Pest Solutions to learn about our EPA-approved termite control services, including underground perimeter treatments and Sentricon® systems, to eliminate these wood-destroying pests and prevent future infestations.

Harpoon Pest Solutions can keep your home and business safe year-round with quality pest control services backed by 20 years of experience. Call today to schedule a no-obligation inspection.

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