Pest Control In Philadelphia, PA

Reliable Pest Control In Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is one of the most storied cities in the United States and a major cultural and economic hub of the East Coast. Located in Pennsylvania and at the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers, Philly also has all the conditions to make it ripe for pest infestations.

Pests like urban environments that provide all the food, water, and shelter they could need to survive. Plus, moist areas and freshwater sources like rivers tend to be breeding grounds for bugs that invade our yards.

To avoid invasions, you need Philadelphia pest control that’s proactive and comprehensive. For that, you should turn to Harpoon Pest Solutions. We’ve been offering safe and effective pest control in the region for many years. Keep reading to learn how we can protect your property.

Residential Pest Control In Philadelphia

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When pests get inside your home or even out in your yard, they can cause major disruptions and larger issues. From property damage to health concerns, infestations only get worse the more they go unnoticed or unaddressed. And these accompanying issues can happen whether you’re dealing with rodents, termites, or the kinds of bugs that sting or bite people.

That’s why you need to partner with local pest control experts who can make sure your Philadelphia home is safe from pests and the larger consequences of an infestation. Here’s what Harpoon Pest Control offers for residential pest control that accounts for the many kinds of pests that can lead to issues:

  • Free Inspections: We’ll inspect your home for any kind of pest issues with no charge – helping clue you into pest problems that are forming or factors that might be increasing your risk of an infestation. 
  • Treatments: Once we know the scope of the problem and have familiarized ourselves with your unique property, we get started on a treatment plan that’s right for you and your budget. 
  • Ongoing Services: We don’t just treat your yard or interior and then forget about you. We always check back to make sure the problem we said we’d solve is gone – and we offer ongoing service plans that help ensure pests never return.

Contact Harpoon Pest Control today to get started on total pest protection for your Philadelphia home.

Commercial Pest Control In Philadelphia

You have enough to worry about when running a business without having to wonder whether or not pest infestations are building. But pest problems can grow quickly and lead to serious costs for local businesses – both in terms of money and reputation.

That’s why it’s important to take commercial pest control seriously and prevent infestations from disrupting your day-to-day operations. At Harpoon Pest Solutions, we help businesses in Philadelphia stay pest-free and keep employees and clients healthy.

We specialize in treatments that provide the lowest impact on your business’s operations. For farms, for example, we use underground treatment methods that root out rodents while not affecting chickens or other livestock contained in coops.

We help many other kinds of businesses in Philly, too, from restaurants and hotels to office spaces and warehouses. So, no matter what kind of property you own or operate, contact Harpoon Pest Solutions to get started on overall protection today.

Why Are There So Many Bees In Philadelphia?

Bees are one of those pests people either overreact to or underestimate. On the one hand, bees are crucial parts of any ecosystem. As pollinators, they help keep our yards looking pretty and our crops growing plentifully. But this is also why they are attracted to our properties, and bee stings aren’t fun for anybody – least of all those with allergies to the venom found in a bee’s stinger

Anywhere our yards are clumped together will attract bee populations because they provide bees with pollen to harvest and harborage points to build their hives on. That’s why you need to take bee control in Philadelphia seriously, so these important bugs stay where we need them and not where they’re unwanted.

At Harpoon Pest Solutions, we can take care of bee populations for you, so you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with dangerous beehives. But we offer more than just beehive removal; we can also provide yard treatments and services that make your property better protected against bees and other kinds of stinging insects.

For bee and wasp control in Philadelphia, turn to Harpoon Pest Solutions.

Three Tips To Help Deter Bed Bugs In Philadelphia

Bed bugs are gross insects that feed on people and our pets. And, unlike their name might suggest, they are actually found in more places than just in our bedding. Bed bug control is important because these parasites can invade any home and be difficult to notice until their telltale bite marks start appearing on your skin.

This is why Harpoon Pest Control is dedicated to educating the public about bed bugs and their behavior – as well as providing bed bug treatments that quickly eliminate these parasites if they do manage to invade.

One of the little-known facts about bed bugs is that they are hitchhikers – bugs that cling to people or our belongings in order to get transported from one place to another. This is how infestations can happen in any property, even in well-maintained homes and businesses.

With that in mind, here are some tips for how you can keep bed bugs in Philadelphia away: 

  1. Safe Travels: Because they go where people are, travel hubs like airports or bus stations tend to be people’s first point of contact with bed bug hotspots. Paying attention to your luggage and not putting your items on the ground or too close to others is key. 
  2. Used Items: Bed bugs can also be carried into our homes inside of used items like clothing and furniture, so you should inspect these things carefully before deciding whether to make a purchase or a trade. 
  3. Inspections & Treatments: When you suspect bed bugs are on your property, turn to experts for inspections and treatments that address the entire scope of the problem. 

To get rid of bed bugs in Philadelphia, contact Harpoon Pest Solutions right away.

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